Yes, you heard it right. There is a place called Door to Hell  or  located  in Ahal Province of Turkmenistan and it looks like this

Actually prior to 1971 , it was a natural gas field but in the year 1971 soviet scientists discovered the site  and while exploring the gas resources the land beneath the drilling units collapsed and methane gas was being released from the open crater. Now in order to stop the release of further poisonous gases from the crater, they planned to burn it and the expected the site to completely burn out the gasses in a maximum of 1 week . But they were terribly wrong in doing so and the crater still burns there even after 40 years.

A Panorama picture of the site
File:Darvasa gas crater panorama crop.jpg
© Tormod Sandtorv / Darvasa gas crater panorama / CC BY-SA 2.0

A Charity Box, which will make you realise the good done by you.

A locker which can spoof even your husband!!

Wanna have snooker at your home and you don't find a big room for it, then you can replace your dining table with the below to enjoy dinner as well as snooker!!

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The best way to store your books and at the same time improve the awesomeness in your home.

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and last but not least, we have something for the batman fans!

If you get this bed, then you don't need any smartphones at night!

there you go, a chess board where you have peacefully enjoying playing with the horse until the opponent plays his turn.

an innovative mouse trap where  you don't hurt the mouse and still catch it and leave it away from your house, its called onedown

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Motorolla, a Google company launched Moto E for a price of 6999.-/
Right from the point when Google took over Motorolla, the American Multinational Telecommunications company is making a quick comeback into the smart phone race.With recently lauching Moto x Moto G, motorolla has swiped the moderately price phones section and now with Moto E, Motorolla has decided to shut the shops of Carbon, Micromax and other Indian companies.

At this Price the phone offers

  • a 1 GB ram, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 1.2 GHz MSM8x10 Dual Core Processor
  • Android Kitkat
  • 4.3 Inch Touch Screen
  • Dual Sim 
  • and a whopping 5 MP Camera.
With these features, it beats the Nokia Lumia 525 which is priced around 10 k.

Being a proud owner of Nokia Lumia 525, i envy moto e.
Well, email scamsters never leave a single option to fool people and try to monetize each and every popular thing. Recently Chris and Colin Weir won the EuroMillions lottery. The big thing here is that they have pledged to donate their prize money to several causes. So here is the catch , this news is on BBC and you can find it here. So if any person gets an email like this

and then if they visit the BBC link, even some smart guys can fall into their traps.
So just share this post on social media to create awareness among people and lets fight back to this scamsters.

ps: i generally fool around such people by replying with fake names and its really funny when we see their reply to that. I have already planted the seed andwill keep updating this post with their funny replies.
The Big Data refers to the collection of such data which is complex, large and tough to manipulate as well. It can be managed through data processing applications and database management tools respectively.
There are many challenges involved while managing the Big Data. They include storage, curation, capture, sharing, search, analysis, visualization and transfer as well. Role of big data varies across several industries and its management becomes critical too. Such a platform has to be used where the big data can be properly managed and sorted on a timely basis. In this regard, IBM and other notable tech companies provide solutions across the industries.
If we look at IBM, we will come to know that several customers are using IBM solutions to address Big Data challenges and even getting tangible return on investment as well. The prominent areas where significant improvement took place are stated below.
1. Healthcare:
Patient mortality has decreased by 20 percent through analysis done with streaming the patient data.
2. Telco:
Processing time has decreased by 92 percent pertaining to call data and networking.
3. Utilities:
The efficiency in using power generation resources has improved by 99 percent than the previous years.
Therefore, IBM truly understands the customer needs and provides the right big data platforms which results in resolution of the business problems and even delivers return on investment quickly too.
Usage of IBM Technology in Automotive Industry
Due to advancement in technology, driving experience is getting changed every so often. And the dramatic shifts have altered the connection and interaction between customers and the automakers respectively. In this regard, new approaches or models are needed to be adopted which would generate maximum revenue and profitability.
Big data creates new and vast opportunity for the automakers and it definitely is a challenged to meet the demands of the educated customers as well. Here, the big data is defined through variety, volume, velocity and veracity which is resulted from different sources like warranty claims, consumer sentiments and vehicle sensor data too. So, in order to thrive and sustain growth, automakers use three notable imperatives or business objectives.
Firstly, automakers quickly produce and launch huge numbers of sustainable and connected vehicles. Secondly, make the most of the services opportunities with respect to the connected vehicles and lastly, the global value chain is highly optimized by the automakers as well. Thus, IBM helps to achieve these business imperatives through application of four big data solutions. They are mentioned as follows.
1. Data Warehouse Optimization
Through Data Warehouse Optimization, automakers can determine which data to move to the data warehouse and which data has to be off-loaded from the databases. Moreover, they can analyze the in-motion data to develop new data too.
2. Predictive Asset Optimization
With Predictive Asset Optimization, the automakers can leverage analytics and big data to do different things. Firstly, they can maximize asset performance and predict asset failure. Secondly, they can optimize supply chain processes and quality as well.

3. Connected Vehicle
Through Connected Vehicle platform, automakers can integrate and capture data-in-motion and the data-in-rest at a single view of the respective vehicle. The automakers get real-time insight on various vehicle systems that work on specific conditions and driving patterns respectively
4. Actionable Customer Insight
This involves utilization of IBM’s Data and Analytics solutions platform. It provides the automakers extensible and single repository for the customer information and, results in better customer acquisition and retention, as well as return on investment too.

An iPhone provides much joy, usability and convenience to millions across the world. Truly all of the seven iPhone Smartphones have remained state of the art and innovative products. The first generation of the Apple iPhone was released in 2007 and the latest seventh generation iPhone 5C & 5S were launched in 2013.

An iPhone is such a Smartphone that apart from mobility, people can be productive as well. Various applications are available which enable the users to organize, keep reminders of daily tasks, as well as manage to-do lists and texting respectively. Some of the applications are free to use, while many cost a few dollars a month. Below is the list of different applications.

1. Deadalus Touch

Deadalus Touch is an interesting and useful writing application. It allows the users to write in any font styles and sizes. It works on different user interfaces provides many productivity options and complex customization as well.

It can be downloaded from the website and costs just 0.99 dollars a month. It comprises of modeless search, all-out gestures and infinite paper stacks. Thus, with top notch editing features, the user can surely write and text in unique way too.

2. Sunrise

Sunrise is a popular calendar application which is convenient to use and integrates the respective locations with Google Maps respectively. It is free to use and can be used on iPad as well. In fact it is compatible with iCloud and Exchange too.

Sunrise has got a gorgeous design and the user can enjoy the synchronization in real-time as well as with the background updates. It is integrated with reminders, weather forecasts, birthdays and Facebook events as well. Google Maps which are present allow easier navigation and the time zone support feature makes travelling convenient respectively.

3. Scraps

A free application, Scraps allows the user to organize his or her thoughts. That is if an individual has a random idea, he can write it down on this application and then continue it afterwards. Thus, in this way the ideas cannot be forgotten at all.
It contains a beautiful interface and the iCloud integration allows easy access across iOS devices. The presence of ‘Collections’ feature enables the user to combine and organize all the thoughts and ideas. The user can even attach a location to the application to search for different inspiring places as well.
Since Scraps is password protected, all the ideas are safe and secured at all times.
4. Carrot
Carrot is a cool and interesting application. It consists of a to-do list and prompts the user to check off the tasks which have been done on a regular basis.  In fact it is also a virtual pet application having a cat that changes mood too.
Features that are present include reminders, mini-games and unlockable upgrades. There are thirty different challenges which need to be completed as well. Moreover, four hundred special awards are also granted when the tasks are done efficiently too.
5. Thingslist
Primarily meant to remember things, Thingslist is not a to-do list application. In fact it helps the users to organize ideas to remember and books to be read as well. In fact it is an easy to use and delightful task manager.
Through Thingslist, a user can do different meaningful tasks. Firstly, he can choose which tasks to be done on a particular day and note them on Today list. Secondly, he can organize daily tasks in one place with respect to family, hobby and work. Lastly, he can utilize tags and assign them to priorities, contexts and time respectively.